Booking Now for Spring 2020 - 70 Days & Beachin’ Starts 🏖

Beach Rentals

Weekend Schemers


This package includes two chairs and one umbrella. Perfect for a couple's weekend at the beach! Rates for this package start at $35 daily. 

Anchors Away


This amazing package includes four chairs and one single (10x10) canopy. Great for a family of four! Rate for this 7 day package starts at $200.

Double the Fun


This awesome package includes eight chairs and two (10x10) canopies! Double the fun with us for 7 days at only $325! 

Gone Coastal


This is our most EXCLUSIVE package! This mouth dropping package includes eight chairs, two double (10x10) canopies, an ice chest, a grill, AND one beach game of your choice! This package is $400 for a total of 7 days! 

Golf Cart Rental


Rent our golf cart for $100 daily or $425 for 7 days. You must be at least 21 years of age to rent and sign a liability waiver. 

Kayak Rental


Our kayak rental starts at $45 a day. This rental package includes 1 paddle per kayak as well 1 lifejacket per kayak. 

Single Canopy


Rent a single (10x10) canopy for 3 days at $100, 5 days for $125, or 7 days for $150. 

Double Canopy


Rent a double {two (10x10)} canopies for $175 for 5 days or for $200 for 7 days. 

Beach Games


All beach games are $35 a day: Corn hole, Can-jam, horse shoe, & volleyball